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The Last Cut + (32oz)


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The Last Cut + (TLC+) is a water-based Cut Compound designed by a detailer for detailers and body shops. Versatility is key and this product was designed to compliment its less aggressive companion The Last Cut. In relation to The Last Cut, this version provides a calculated blend of increased aggression while still maintaining the finishing ability when working with clear coated/gel coated surfaces. This is achieved by using diminishing abrasives which provide more cutting action before and in its diminishing state. This product is compatible with numerous types of pads and can be paired based on the aggression requirements of job purpose. When dealing with clear coat on the harder end of the scale, TLC+ is designed to provide more defect removal ability when compared to The Last Cut. Ultimately it provides the means to improve efficiency while keeping surface integrity and user safety in mind. Best results are achieved using a Dual Action Polisher or Rotary Polisher. This SILICONE FREE formula contains NO FILLERS and is BODY SHOP SAFE.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use. Ensure surface is clean, dry and free of contaminates. Bonded contaminates should be removed using a clay bar or equivalent method. Do no use on surfaces that are excessively hot to the touch. TLC+ may be used in direct sunlight if necessary but product performance cannot be guaranteed. When using a dual-action polisher, apply three dime size amounts to the foam, microfiber, or wool pad. For increased aggression 1-2 additional dots can be added. TLC+ utilizes diminishing abrasives to product spreading technique is key. For optimal results, do not spread this product over the work area using machine speed 1 or 2. Spread by using hand motion over the work area. This avoids starting the diminishing process prematurely and provides the highest defect removal capability.  The typical work area is a 24”x24”, however this can be adjusted based on your needs or task at hand. Machine speed will vary bases on pad selection however speed #6 or #5 is generally preferred for the defect removal aspect of paint correction using TLC+. Work product into paint using slow hand motion in your preferred pattern until desired results are achieved.  When using a high-speed rotary polisher, equip machine with a foam or wool pad. Apply 4 dime size amounts to pad or your preferred compound application technique. Set RPM to 1400 or above; using your chosen slow hand motion method until desired results are achieved. Remove residue using a clean, dry microfiber towel. TLD+ provides no protection so a product of your choice will need to be applied thereafter. For Gel Coat applications, a Rotary machine paired with a wool pad is preferred.

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The Last Cut + (32oz) - The Detail Plug

The Last Cut + (32oz)


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